Family, Friends & Neighbors Can Put Sellers at a Disadvantage

In all my years of selling real estate, I’ve learned that nosy neighbors, caring friends, and family members can really really mess up a real estate sale.  And while it happens to both buyers and sellers, this article will focus on sellers.

Here’s the scenario (and maybe you’ve experienced this yourself): a seller hires a Realtor, they meet, evaluate the marketplace, discuss the seller’s needs, expectations and goals, prepare and price the house, and it goes on the market.

A couple days go by and the neighbor that lives two doors down, who has a floor plan similar to the seller’s, comes by and says that the price is too low… or it should be marketed a different way… or that they should have an Open House every weekend. The seller then begins to wonder.

A few days later, Uncle Elmer comes by for a family get-together, and also offers an opinion on how to better price it, better market it, or how to negotiate an upcoming offer.  The seller’s anxiety level goes up… thinking maybe the Realtor didn’t provide the right guidance.  Uncle Elmer, after all, does “know it all.”  Don’t you have “those” family members, too?

A couple weeks later, after an offer has been accepted by the seller, at another family event, Dad, who knows all about real estate (who last sold a home in 1978), chimes in saying they should have held out for more money, putting even more doubts in the seller’s mind. The seller loses sleep thinking the price should have been higher; he shouldn’t have accepted the first offer; he should have countered one more time and held out for more money. He then questions himself, and his Realtor and his anxiety goes even higher.

Does any of this sound familiar?  If it does, then you know the hassle this can cause. If it doesn’t, then consider yourself lucky.

So what’s my message here?  It’s simple.  While we all have well-meaning family, friends, and neighbors who want to “help” and offer advice, we need to remember that the seller is working with a professional, experienced, and successful Realtor, who knows the market and works in real estate every day. I am assuming of course, that the seller has hired a professional, experienced, competent and successful Realtor (if not, then that’s a whole different discussion).

It’s easy to second-guess and question a Realtor’s advice and recommendations. However, it is seldom productive. If questions do arise, then the seller should call his/her Realtor and discuss them. Don’t however, let well-meaning family and friends get you off track or add to the stress that already comes along with selling a home.

If you’d like to discuss the market or have questions about selling your home, give me a call today on my direct line at 916-508-5353.  No pressure and no obligation… you have my word.

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